The (Rails) times they are a-changin’?

I always knew we wouldn't last forever.

I just attended my first RailsConf, and I feel a little sad.

Oh, the irony. I attend my first conference devoted to the development tool I’ve been devoted to for the last six years, and my overwhelming feeling is that it’s time to move on…to a new development paradigm and a new toolset.

What I heard from DHH, Aaron Patterson, and Yehuda Katz in their conference addresses was this:

“The web dev paradigm is shifting under our feet. All the fun is moving to the browser, which means to Javascript. Weren’t we prescient to embrace REST years ago so that we can now become a great web service platform, dishing out JSON from a thousand endpoints of API light as a sort of workhorse for the sexy stuff the JS guys and gals are doing. (If we hadn’t done that, we might already be a dinosaur.)

“Oh, and be prepared, because we may do something crazy. Like coming up with some sort of browser/Javascript framework for Rails, because we want to do the sexy stuff too.”

Oh, Rails. The writing is already on the wall, I’m afraid. The future web dev paradigm is already being speedily developed. (If I had to pick its embodiment right now, I’d lay my money on Meteor.)

Ruby is a fantastic language. I am not even a 7 with Javascript. But my new projects, at least the side ones, are going to be in Meteor.

Jack Welch said, “Change before you have to.” Don’t wait too long.

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